Perhaps you’ve already read our blogs about the capabilities we have – from meals and veggie meals to bread and thins, you can give those a read alongside this blog. Our sweet bakery capabilities are varied in range and flavours. Also remember that our bakers and chefs are always ready to create new flavours and begin new projects that can be made bespoke to a client. Our account managers are available to chat through what you’re looking for.

Loaded brownies

Our loaded brownies are mouth watering even on photos! We have a variety of the toppings on the brownies and currently produce salted caramel, red velvet, cookies and cream and banoffee. We couldn’t possibly pick a favourite, so perhaps serve all together on a platter, that way you don’t have to choose.

Cookies, Iced Fingers and Muffins

This trio is a British classic and really embodies the ‘sweet treat’ phrase.

Cookies wise, we can produce white, choc chip and double choc chip. Perhaps we could do a mixed chocolate chip version for you? We serve with a cappuccino for the ultimate flavour combination.

Ice fingers are a British staple; the classic sweet bread and icing are a delectable combination that we’ll never tire of. We can also produce these with a jam or chocolate filling for an extra surprise when you bite into it!

To describe our muffins in three words would be; light, airy and delicious. We have a wide range of capabilities from cherry bakewell, chocolate, lemon, blueberry and so on. These all feature a light sponge with their individual flavours running strongly throughout the muffin. You have to try these yourself to appreciate how delicious they are!

Puff pastry lattices

Our pastry category is full of treats too. This rhubarb lattice and summer fruit turnovers are practically infused with sunshine, so during the winter months, we could easily switch summer fruit to apple and cinnamon as an alternate product.

The pastry is flaky and baked to a golden brown perfection, finished with crystallised sugar, biting into one of these is a true delight.

Tea cake

A national favourite, serve toasted with lashings of butter and some sweet jam. Our bakers pride themselves on making these perfect every time.

We can produce more than we can write about in just one blog, so let us know what you would be looking to produce and we would love to work with you. We have chefs and bakers who develop recipes to suit your specifications and are able to scale recipes up to production which will occur at one of our seven factory sites.

Get in touch with our friendly account managers today and let’s get started!