Let’s talk bread capabilities. Hopefully, you read all about our meal capabilities? 

We produce bread at multiple sites including Newport, Workington, Scarborough and Dudley. We wanted to let you know more about our artisan speciality bread and craft savoury bakery products.

Craft savoury bread

Tiger bloomer

A huge favourite, the tiger bloomer is baked to a golden brown perfection. The delicious ‘just baked’ scent is what draws us to the tiger bloomer, coupled with that delicious flavour. You don’t want to add overpowering flavours to this bread, it stands out on it’s own, so we just pair it with butter or our favourite jam.

Speciality bread

Rye Bread

Detailed with the scores to create detailing and gives it a ‘home made’ feel whilst keeping it consistent with all other loaves. This loaf is nutritionally dense and let’s not forget – delicious!

Beetroot and apple loaf

The beetroot loaf is packed full of flavour, distributed evenly with both beetroot and apple pieces throughout the loaf. Our artisan bakers are always developing recipes and experimenting with new flavours. Our beetroot and apple slow fermentation hand finished loaf is one such delicious twist. Enjoy on it’s own to get the full flavour profile, or enjoy with a light spread of butter.

Pepper bread roll

With pepper’s sharp flavour and nutty seeds decorating the top of the roll, these are a real treat. We pair it with a hearty soup.


A crowd favourite, everyone has a favourite filling. We’re partial to ham, cheese, red pepper and pesto. What’s your favourite filling?


With a wide range of breads; including rolls, flavoured breads and loaves, our development team absolutely love creating new ideas with flavour combinations. If you have a project in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can get started!