Our Story

Our story began in 2008 when, with 20 years experience running a successful food business, David Wood was looking for a fresh start to challenge himself and build something new. The opportunity came in the form of keeping food production going in distressed food businesses.

The Beginning

Within a year, we had acquired two other food production sites and were now able to produce delicious pies and artisan bread. We had soon expanded to two more sites which included our Scarborough craft bakery and Workington.

Our Dudley Super Site

We didn’t stop there; we strengthened by building our super site in Dudley which boasts state of the art food manufacturing equipment, meaning we can produce a wide range of food here. It’s helped us to produce food for businesses in the retail, restaurants and food-to-go sectors.

Where we are now

We now have eight factory sites around the UK and a head office in Leeds. Our continued philosophy of saying ‘yes’ to customers and then working to create their ideal products has led us to where we are now. Our skilled and inventive teams have led us to grow into the multi category business we are today.