We’ve spoken about our production capabilities in past blogs which includes meals and breads. In this blog, we wanted to let you know about our capabilities with thins.

We produce multiple flavours and have many more that we could create (if you have flavour ideas – our bakers absolutely love to hear them, so challenge them with the combination possibilities they could create!)

Each thin is crisp, baked to perfection and has that satisfying *snap* when broken. As you can see from our gallery images below, there’s lots you could serve them with. From smoked salmon and cream cheese in the Summer months to soup in Autumn/Winter, they’re such a staple in the cupboard – and on the shelves.

Flavours we currently produce (and photographed here) are: beetroot, curried, multi seed, cheddar crunch and black pepper. Our chefs have also been baking up a honey and parsnip and a salt and vinegar variety, both of which are amazing. The great thing with thins is that their flavour profile will compliment any topping. The multi seed were great with our cheeseboard but then worked with our platter with a variety of toppings. The plainer ones aren’t limited with their flavour profiles whilst some have more of a bias towards a paired topping. So, what would you serve on yours?

These are the full size crackers but we can also produce a snack size – perfect for on the go and lunchboxes. The beauty of the thin is that you can have elaborate toppings on them for hors d’oeuvres with friends or just grab a snack by smothering a couple with cream cheese for your lunch.

Packaging wise, we have a variety of options that we can discuss that your product could be being displayed in.

If you would be interested in stocking our thins, get in touch with our account managers who will be happy to discuss production, flavours, packaging and more.