Sustainability - Our Pledge To The Next Generation

With eight sites around the UK, we're committed to 'do our bit' for the environment. We do this by separating our sustainability schemes into three key areas: planet, people and community. Please take a look below to see the practices in place, these are always changing as we are constantly finding new ways to help achieve our sustainability goals.


We’re  committed to not allowing any waste to go to landfill.

We’re committed to processes to increase energy efficiency.

We’re committed to a carbon reduction of 1.5% per year.


Responsibility – Modern Slavery policy / Health and Safety Accreditation / Wellness and Employee Assistance Program / Commitment to salt and sugar reduction as per government guidelines

No zero hours contracts

Training / Placements  – We have a Highfield training centre and fund University Year in industry placements


Charity – We have a number of key charities which we support each year-

Fair Share – We are committed to our sites signing up to Fair Share

Community Connections – Meals and More