According to The Guardian, a third of Britons have either stopped eating or are reducing their consumption of meat. With one in eight Britons now either vegan or vegetarian and sales figures for meat free products that are suitable, soaring as a result. It only takes a quick trip to the nearest supermarket to back up this data – with vegetarian sections ever growing to accommodate this market. For this reason, it’s important to cater for this market.

The one myth that we wish to dispel is that you ever have to compromise on flavour with a vegetarian meal. Just like all of our meals – including our meat based ones – there’s lots of choice of capabilities and each is full of flavour.

Let’s start at the beginning of the process. Our chefs work in our kitchens to create new and exciting recipes – they test and amend until they’ve got the perfect recipe. From here, we move across to the relevant factory – each has a speciality in terms of production. The talented chefs we have, mean that whatever your product may be, we can absolutely create it – we have enquiries for products that we’ve never created before from buyers and with our can do attitude, we’ll work to create that for you!


The most amazing flavours can be vegetarian; the natural flavours of the mushrooms, spinach and courgettes in our veg lasagne for example, complimented with layers of a rich mascarpone and crème fraiche sauce as well as vibrant sun-blush. tomatoes. Our pasta is created from scratch in our factory, so it’s fresh and it’s also free range. To accompany our meat based lasagne in our range, we didn’t want to leave anyone out and have catered for our vegetarian audience with this dish. Accompanied with a slice (or two!) of garlic bread made from our fresh ciabatta – what a delicious meal!

Our sweet potato and lentil curry is one of our favourites. The vegetables within this dish deliver a great contrast of textures and really compliment the spices in the curry – the lentils are filling and there’s a generous portion of sweet potato and cauliflower too.

This cauliflower and paneer curry is another vegetarian dish we can produce. With complimentary flavours, there’s so much depth to this dish with a variety of fresh vegetables and cheese which fully absorbs those fantastic spices. We can often not choose between a Naan and a poppadom, so we often end up with both – plus some mango chutney to add another layer of flavour.

If you are looking for a particular dish, we will work with you towards production. It is truly something we love doing, taking a concept and working with chefs and various members of our team, through to seeing the concept in large scale production. When we walk into a store and are able to purchase a product we’ve created, knowing the passion that’s gone into it, it’s truly amazing to us. So, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you and discuss your project.