Living in the UK, we get such clear seasons – the blustery Autumn when the leaves change and then fall, the one day of summer where everyone runs out to find their closest BBQ, the winter when we all claim we can’t possibly drive if there’s over 1mm of snow. But there’s something nice in the changing seasons, how it all grows and changes and evolves. We really reflect this in our food choices too – light, fresh flavours in spring/ summer, and warmer comfort food in autumn/winter. We thought we’d share with you some of our seasonal products within our production capabilities.


Spring brings Easter and with it, the popularity of the hot cross bun. These are honestly great any time of the year but particularly popular over the Easter weekend. The hot cross bun actually goes as far back as the 12th century when an Anglican monk marked the bun with a cross for Good Friday. Since then, they’ve gained popularity for a symbol of Good Friday.

Just slipping into spring (one day before summer begins on the 20th June) we have Father’s Day! If you’re celebrating dad or a father figure, one thing we’re certain of – pretty much all dads love pie. We have a range of flavours of pies – from beef and ale to vegan pasties.



Our sweet bakery produces such delicious treats. One of our top summer picks is our rhubarb lattice, the fruity flavours compliment the flaky lattice pastry wonderfully and together make such a great summer infused dessert.

For a summer BBQ, you’re going to need some amazing bread rolls. We have many of types of bread rolls; including classic brioche, cheddar and red Leicester rolls and olive ciabatta rolls. We fill our brioche rolls with a pesto and choice of protein, coupled with some summer salad.


As the weather turns and we gravitate towards comfort food, with pepper bread rolls elevating any warming soup . Adding a little more flavour than an ordinary roll, the pepper always compliments a hearty flavoured soup beautifully.


Mince puffs are one of our Christmas production capabilities. The top is dusted with a generous helping of sugar and the inside filled with delicious sweet mince. We pop some cream inside too and serve with a hot chocolate for ultimate indulgence.

February brings Valentine’s day, and we’re hoping cupid brings us one of those millionaire shortbreads. With a variety of toppings that can be created by our bakers, we’re picking the hearts this Valentine’s day.