We’ve done a few blogs now on our capabilities which we hope you will go and read, but in this blog, we wanted to take you through our premium meals capabilities.

We produce meals in two of our seven UK production sites, which enables us to create a wide array of meal ideas and flavours to your specification. Caution: this blog will make you very hungry.

Pasta dishes

Our fresh sheet pasta is all made in our Wales location which means our chefs and production staff were able to work closely together, as always, to create a pasta full of flavour that works in some of our flagship dishes.


Our sweet potato and lentil curry is a firm favourite for everyone that’s discovered it. The generous helping of veggies within allow for a full flavour, a real comfort dish.

Chilli con carne is a favourite amongst us Brits, made with beautiful beef mixed with lots of  beans for a hearty flavour. Serve with a homemade garlic bread, made using our delicious ciabatta.

Our cauliflower mac & cheese is one of our most loved vegetarian dishes – the creamy cheese, delicious macaroni and tender cauliflower work exceptionally well together. Get that mouth watering golden brown top in the oven and serve with a salad and garlic bread.

Our smoked haddock florentine is up there as our favourite fish dish. The white fish flakes beautifully and is complimented with the crunch of a generous toppings of croutons. Within the sauce, the veg rounds out the dish. As you can see, we serve with some fresh veg and new potatoes.

We’re hungry just writing this blog! Which would be your pick? If you’re looking to discuss meal capabilities, please get in touch – our account managers would love to speak about your ideas and how we can develop and produce them!