Following the roaring success of Veganuary last month, it’s clear that there’s a hugely growing market in the vegan sector. Looking at stats from the Veganuary press pack the stats speak for themselves – £30 million spent on vegan products year on year reported by the Kantar Worldpanel, with Veganuary itself helping the UK grocery industry increase by 1.7% growth. In the last five years, Ceuta Group have found there’s been a 469% increase in people interested in veganism – this is a growing stat. So, the market will reflect that 469% increase and shift appropriately to a more plant-based offering to satisfy the market. We’ve been offering vegan products for a while – they may be free from meat but they’re by no means free from flavour. Take a look below at some of our vegan items – remember if you’re looking for something specific, our chefs and development team would be happy in assisting, just get in touch and we can help you develop your dream plant-based item.

Our sweet potato cakes are a quick bite of plant-based goodness. Filled with veggies, they’re great to present on a sharing board with some dips and fresh salad, so the crunch can complement the sweet potato cakes. We’re partial to these all year round, but really come into their own with summer salads or in a lunchbox.

Our vegan fake steak bake is one of our latest creations – the fantastic thing about this is that though it’s an alternative to a meat product, it stands alone in terms of flavour, showing that we don’t have to compromise. How we do it is a total secret, but the golden pastry without butter or eggs is an absolute triumph, if we do say so ourselves!

You may be aware that David Wood Foods began as a bakery before scaling out to meals, sides, food to go etc., so we know how to bake the perfect bread! These ciabatta rolls make an amazing sandwich, and we love spreading hummus on both sides of the bread and filling it with salad and falafel. It makes for a really filling and flavoursome lunch. A recent star in the vegan market is jackfruit – if you’ve not tried yet, appearance wise, it looks a little like shredded meat and is quite sweet in flavour. Actually part of the fig, mulberry and breadfruit family, it’s a huge hit in the vegan market at the moment for a great, unprocessed alternative to meat, so perhaps try it in a sandwich along with some crunchy greens.

Ah the humble jacket potato. Serve with a vegan butter alternative such as pure and some vegan cheese (our top recommendation is Violife as it melts well for a vegan alternative) to make a great lunch or easy dinner. You could also serve with baked beans for added protein – either way, these jacket potatoes are a great way to keep some goodness in the freezer for a quick meal.

We can of course, work with you to create even more vegan offerings, we have teams of dedicated development chefs who love a challenge to make products plant based without compromising on appearance, taste or flavour. From our sweet bakery to food to go and meals, what could our next vegan development be!