With consumers busier than ever, running around from work to home and everything that comes in between, the food-to-go industry has boomed in recent years. Priding ourselves on being pioneers in the food industry; anticipating trends and acting on them, we’ve been able to develop some amazing recipes for the food to go industry.

These pepperoni pizzas have a thick base, oozing mozzarella cheese and bite size chunks of pepperoni. They look – and taste – so delicious, that it’s surprising to think they can be found warm in the food to go section. The cheese melted, the product warm, consumers can eat this for a snack, lunch or dinner.

Or take our chilli beef beef squoval. Packed full of beef and kidney beans in a tomato sauce, they’re a great product for the food to go market as they’re a self contained meal in a packet – much like our range of pasties. Served with a Mexican guacamole and salsa or on their own, these are ideal either hot or cold.

We have a range of deliciously authentic British, Italian and Indian meals to go. We never compromise on the quality of our products, nor the taste, so our chefs have worked hard on producing these ranges. Found in food to go packaging, they can be reheated from frozen or chilled depending on your requirements.

We’re always in our kitchens at our sites throughout the UK creating new dishes and in the offices exclaiming about new packaging we could create to make our products even more attractive. If you’ve got a product in mind you’d like to see, just let us know! We’d love to help create your dream product that can make the food-to-go market even more delicious!