If you’re like us, by this point in the year, you’ll be dreaming of summers in Italy – eating spaghetti whilst watching the sunset. We can’t teleport you to the Italian summer, but what we can do, is to take your taste buds there instead.

So, ignoring the weather out the window, let’s take a look at our Italian capabilities, split into what we currently produce for breads and for meals. As always though, there is so much more we can produce for you if you’re looking for something specific. New products, ranges, flavours, we’d love to hear your ideas and help you to create your new products.

Italian Breads

The breads we produce are vast – not just in their variations but also in flavour profiles. Our rolls for example, can be flavoured with a whole manner of things – cheese, onion, spices, olives – the list goes on.

Foccaccia is one of our favourite Italian breads, we do produce them with different flavours, this one is the red onion and rosemary – it’s an easy tear and share, just simply dipped in balsamic and oil to bring out the flavour without overpowering the bread.

For that satisfying crush, opposing the softer toppings, our bruschettine is an easy way to bring Italian flavour to England. You can serve this with pretty much anything – we tried a whole host of flavours on ours below and there were still so many ideas we had left. Day to day, it’s also really easy to serve with lasagne or tomato pasta so it’s best to keep some in the cupboard!

There’s no shortage in the delicious types of bread Italy produces – there’s nothing quite like Italian breads. From panini’s to ciabatta, our bread is as delicious as in Italy but all made here in the UK. With seven production sites, we can bring the flavours of the Mediterranean a little closer to home, without losing flavour.

These pizzas, topped with cheese and various other toppings are part of our food to go range. What a treat to be able to find a hot pizza whilst on a lunchtime or snack.

Italian Meals

We also have a range of Italian meals – vegetable and meat lasagne, pasta and more. Our pasta is made by us in our Welsh production factory – said to be the best pasta lasagne outside Italy. As you know, there’s so much you can do with pasta and various flavour pairings that we can work on together.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed seeing some more of our production capabilities for our Italian capabilities. If you want to discuss any of them further or have a project in mind, then let’s have a chat! Our account management team will discuss what you’re trying to create and then our chef development team will be able to whip up a storm!