We’re passionate about creating foods and our expert chefs can usually be found in the kitchen cooking up a storm of new flavours ready to be put into production for the biggest retailers in the United Kingdom. There’s little we love more than perfecting a recipe and knowing that it will be eaten and enjoyed by thousands either on the go or sat around the table as a family. So, when our food for retailers win such prestigious awards such as the Own Label 2018 Grocer Awards, it’s an amazing achievement; we know there’s fierce competition and so for our meals to win against all the other own label food products in that category, it’s something we’re really proud of!

The awards are super competitive with more than 1,000 entries that undergo a two-stage testing program which involves both consumers and expert judges in their field. The Grocer Awards are great for the own label food producers as they reward things like innovation, quality and use of ingredients, flavour, clean labels and trying new twists on well known dishes. We were thrilled to win category champion and innovation winner in one category – working hard to produce ranges especially for a supermarket is a fun process and seeing it in the chosen packaging sat on a shelf or in the fridge/freezer gives us a huge sense of satisfaction.

Consumer testers on our food products submitted were positive, complimenting our ‘rich’ flavours, an abundance of key ingredients and over a quarter saying they would buy it fortnightly which is a great response! They also mentioned our trendy packaging, loved the seasoning used and the new and innovative ideas we’d used in the recipe. It’s always fantastic to know what both judges and consumers thought about our products, after all, we believe food is something that should really be enjoyed. Whenever socialising with friends and family, there’s usually food involved; food to go walking in the park on a lunchtime with a friend, a wine and food night with friends and family at home, children and grownups alike enjoying a cherry bakewell muffin with a cup of coffee or a juice. What’s better than food for bringing people together!

We supply various own label food products to the biggest UK retailers including ready meals, food to go, bakery products both in the speciality bread, savory bakery and also sweet bakery and pastry. As you can tell from our recent Grocer Award win, we’re innovative and if you have a food concept in mind, never hesitate to get in touch so we can see how we can help you produce your chosen product.

From recipe creation to completion, production, packaging selection and distribution, we’re ready to go when you are!