Speciality Bread

Hand crafted ciabatta, boules, paninis and focaccia are just some of our breads that are made simple or have extra ingredients blended through to create something special and unique.


This sourdough bread is one of our favourites, serve with salted butter or jam to truly savour the flavour.

Pizza Snack Bread Folds

The best snack; pizza folds! These are great as a tear and share as a savoury snack - we enjoy ours with some pesto.

Cheddar & Red Leicester Roll

One of our all time favourites, our cheddar and red Leicester roll is the ultimate treat. Fill with your favourite sandwich filling and enjoy!

Pimento Olive Roll

A premium pimento olive filled roll, perfect for creating the ultimate indulgent and tasty sandwich.

Cheese & Jalapeno Snack Bread

A spicy cheese and jalapeno bread, perfect for tearing and sharing. We serve with a herb and marinara sauce too for the ultimate combo!

Hand crafted ciabatta

Hand crafted Italian ciabatta made with a traditional sponge biga to create this beautifully soft bread. For some added oomph; try our sun dried tomato or olive varieties.

Rye Bread

A beautiful hand finished rye, a great centre piece bread to share with some simple salted butter. The scores created by our expert bakers are attractive and whilst every single loaf is consistent, it gives it that 'home made' feel. High in fibre, nutritionally dense and delicious, this is a favourite loaf of many.

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