Savoury Pastry

Sausage rolls, slices, turnovers and pies are just some of the savoury pastry goods we produce and we are continually evolving to create new and unique offerings.

Creamy chicken pie

Made from shortcrust pastry, the pastry is tender when cut into and melt in the mouth. Packed full of a rich creamy sauce surrounding delicious chicken which is sourced locally to our site. The pie is embossed around the crust for easy recognition.

Traditional Pasty

A traditional British pasty, these are a great comfort food that can be eaten on-the-go or straight from the oven at home with a side of potatoes and vegetables. Golden brown in colour, they feature traditional crimping across the top which encases the filling inside. These traditionally have minced beef inside along with vegetables.

Jumbo Chicken Slice

This jumbo chicken slice is made from a rich puff pastry, it's light, flaky and  golden brown in colour. The filling is made from British chicken breast coasted in a creamy sauce to add even more flavour to this signature pasty.

Bacon and cheese turnover

Delicious back bacon, smothered in cheese and wrapped in puff pastry for a perfect on the go snack or part of a light and tasty meal.

Sausage Roll

A classic sausage roll in free range egg glazed puff pastry.  

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