Savoury Pastry

Sausage rolls, slices, turnovers and pies are just some of the savoury pastry goods we produce and we are continually evolving to create new and unique offerings.

Mince and Onion Pie

Our pies - they're wonderful. There's a whole range of flavours we produce, and our mince and onion pie is one of our latest. If we could refer to a pie as utterly glorious, then we would.

Fake Steak Bake

Our ever expanding vegan offering now includes our fake steak bake. A delicious plant based alternative that doesn't compromise on flavour.

Steak and Ale Sharing Pie

Our steak and ale pie is a firm favourite - the golden brown bake on the flaky crust coupled with the chunks of beef and ale flavour profile coming through make this an absolute must on the dinner table.

Steak Individual Pie

Filled with chunks of steak and gravy, this pie is a real treat. Serve with fresh vegetables or some rustic chunky chips.

Chinese Chicken Slice

An authentic Chinese chicken curry wrapped in a delicious puff pastry slice

Chicken Tikka Slice

This slice is the perfect combination of authentic chicken tikka, wrapped in delicious puff pastry. Serve with potato wedges to make it a full meal.

Cheese Roll

Bite size cheese rolls, these are a party favourite - our pastry bakes golden brown on top of the melted cheese inside.

Traditional Pasty

A traditional British pasty, these are a great comfort food that can be eaten on-the-go or straight from the oven at home with a side of potatoes and vegetables. Golden brown in colour, they feature traditional crimping across the top which encases the filling inside. These traditionally have minced beef inside along with vegetables.

Bacon and cheese turnover

Delicious back bacon, smothered in cheese and wrapped in puff pastry for a perfect on the go snack or part of a light and tasty meal.

Sausage Roll

A classic sausage roll in free range egg glazed puff pastry.  

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