What is it like to work in development?

Development is exciting, fast moving, challenging, and rewarding from when the infant product is approved and through the various stages until first production and customer satisfaction achieved. We have seven sites that are all active in both new and existing product and process development and with the help of operations, we will deliver many new products  during 2019. 

How do we approach development in the company?

We proactively lead development, react to customer needs and trends, and action projects according to consumer needs.

How far out are we working at the next big thing?

The next big thing is always around the corner, with us looking at long term development for 12 months time as well as developing big things for launch in very tight timescales to capitalise on an opportunity and be first to market.  

To find the next big idea by creating dishes with new ingredients, new processes or putting classic flavours together in a different format such as Cheese & Jalepeno in a wonderful shaped individual bread dough.

What inspires your development?

There are many elements that inspire our product development.  As a business we  review macro and category trends, trawl the market both in retail, foodservice and food markets and stalls, keep an eye out for  new launches and review them, as well as studying market data.

We have a team of brilliant chefs with a wide variety of backgrounds, from Michelin star restaurants, First Class lounges, Bistro Pubs, Patisseries, as well as premium hospitality and catering who all pull ideas together and create fantastic high quality products.

What’s the best thing about being a chef in the business?  

The daily challenge of what we make today “Better”, what we don’t make today “Great”, and what we want to make for tomorrow “Brilliant”.  We know our customers’ needs and are 100% focused on achieving shared goals and delivering  on current and future consumer needs.

So what does the future of development look like ?

We’ll continue to focus on consumer needs with a key eye on both packaging and ingredient sustainability. We will make the most of our talent and hope to strengthen it in the future as well as building on our strength of getting products to market quickly and delighting consumers with the next great tasting dish.

There can be as much enjoyment from great tasting Buttered Tiger Toast, to Earthy Long Proof Sourdough Breads, from a simple but superb traditional Lancashire Meat & Potato Pie to a very Premium authentic flavoured Lasagne made with freshly made egg pasta and a ragu as good as anywhere in Italy.  It’s the eating occasion and the food for that time that matters, whether food on the move or in home, and we capture all that within our development at DWF.