This month is a busy month here at David Wood Foods as we celebrate our tenth birthday!

We began in 2008 when David Wood, with 20 years experience in the food production industry, set out to build a new food production company. Over the years we’ve acquired seven sites around the UK and a head office in Leeds; since each factory had its own speciality, David and the team worked to restore the factory and its production to the sites full potential. We can now produce incredibly varied range of food; from our sites we can produce premium ready meals, artisan handmade bread, sweet treat bakery goods, food to go and so much more! Our own label foods are in many of the biggest food retailers in the United Kingdom and the whole team, from the chefs to the factory staff and engineers producing the food are always so proud to see our food on the shelves, being enjoyed by consumers all around the country!

Our products begin in our test kitchens as our chefs tirelessly work to whip up new flavour combinations and play with different pairings they know consumers will love. From there, we work out how the food will be produced on scale; an example being with our ready meals and wanting to keep the same flavour and quality as we created with the chefs in the kitchens to our handcrafted bread in our site in Dudley.

You may have noticed that as we approached our tenth year in business, we rebranded from David Wood Baking to David Wood Foods. The reasoning for this was that ‘baking’ no longer defined us – we’re now producing so much more than that, creating such varied food that we knew it was time to take the leap and change our name to be much more representative of who we are now as a company! It’s another event in a chain of exciting times for us; recently two products we developed and created won Grocer Awards for the Own Label 2018 category – with more than 1,000 entries, it’s a prestigious award we couldn’t have been more proud to win and gave us all a moment of reflection of how far we have come in the last ten years.


There’s so much we want to achieve, new flavours and innovative products we want to create and of course, future projects and ventures, so cheers to ten years as we look forward to many more together!