Across our seven factory sites in the UK, we have a huge team which all work together to create our delicious products. We wanted to give you a greater insight into the job role that keeps all the clogs in motion and the food being made on such a large scale, successfully and safely; our engineers. If you’re looking to apply for an engineer role or train to be one in the future, we thought you might appreciate an inside look into the role.

Speaking to our head of engineering, we asked him a few questions about the role; what’s expected, what an average day is like and the best part of the job!

What’s an average day like as an engineer at David Wood Foods?

An average day would begin with a structured handover between shifts. This would be followed by a walk around inspection of the factory production and service areas to get a feel for any issues which were occurring or were developing. The daily routine would revolve around reactive and proactive tasks.

Reactive tasks would be classed as tasks which were aimed at keeping the production processes running effectively whilst proactive tasks would cover such things as project works and continual improvement initiatives.

As an Engineer, communications with the production team are essential and therefore every engineer will carry a radio which keeps them in constant contact with the production team.

Individual engineers are assigned areas of responsibility across the plant.


What’s the best part of your job?

The best thing about working for David Wood Foods as an engineer is the varied range of tasks which you become involved with. It’s certainly not a company where monotonous activities are undertaken.

The business is very dynamic, and as such engineering is dynamic. There are numerous challenges to overcome but the work is interesting and Engineers are encouraged to contribute fully to the constant drive to improve.


What training do you receive as an engineer?

We are always looking to enhance the skill portfolio of our Engineers and training in specific areas such as refrigeration, electrical Installation, water treatment, health & safety all form part of the plan.


Do you accept apprentices?

We actively recruit and develop apprentices in our business. This process has been going on for some years now and we have recently promoted our first qualified apprentice into a full time shift engineer role.

We actively support our apprentices in gaining advanced qualifications as we recognise that these guys are the ‘Managers’ of the future.


Can you tell us about career progression as an engineer at David Wood Foods?

We have a proven track record of taking engineers from the shop floor and promoting them to supervisory and managerial positions. As an engineer at David Wood Foods, there will always be opportunities to advance your career.

There are numerous opportunities to move around the business. We actively move engineers with certain skills across the business to assist with problems and projects. We have proven record of also transferring engineers permanently between sites. Career progression is certainly an opportunity with David Wood Foods.


If you’re looking to find an engineer role at David Wood Foods, please make sure you check our job roles on our recruitment section – if there’s not one listed right now, feel free to send your CV and cover letter to our Leeds Head Office contact. 

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