High Care Department Manager (Afternoon)

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About The Role

David Wood Baking is a food manufacturing organisation with a site based in Bolton. We have over 20 years experience in the food business, and currently produce a range of quality products for the retail and foodservice industry from seven high-tech factories.

Yet we’re not a company to sit back and relax. Product development is our heartbeat and we work closely with our customers to develop products that combine specific requirements and imaginative flair. Working with key partners we have already developed a number of new exciting and award-winning products that continue to attract and delight consumers.

As a key part of our 7- site group, our Bolton site is a large food manufacturer producing a range of quality Savoury Pastry products, Desserts and Meals for the major UK retailers and food service operators.


Responsibilities & Requirements

1. To control labour vacancies by ensuring the correct manning levels are in place and that plant and equipment is running to the speed and settings agreed on. Respond promptly to any over-usage on labour and communicate this information to the Charge-hand / Supervisor in order to reduce labour wastage.
Look at areas where savings could be made within the production process and implement and communicate your suggestions to Senior Management.
2. Ensure that complete compliance and continual improvement to the Quality System is achieved. Manage your team to work to agreed work instructions and put in place effective controls to achieve specification.
Ensure that action is taken by your supervisory team on both non-conforming product and on variation from specification targets to achieve product consistency.
Arrange and hold review meetings with Team Leaders / Charge-Hand / Supervisor and staff to discuss Quality matters. Support the Technical Department by undertaking Internal Quality Audits. Ensure that agreed actions are communicated and taken within the agreed timescale.
3. Control usage of raw materials and packaging by ensuring machinery is working satisfactorily and process information is in place for all materials used and available to all members of staff, avoiding unnecessary waste by poor performance of staff. Ensuring product is stored to instruction, i.e. frozen, ambient.
4. To ensure Food Safety, Quality, Legality, Hygiene and Health & Safety Standards and requirements are in place and monitored accordingly e.g. through Food safety and Hygiene Audits. Staff must be made aware of all requirements. Good Manufacturing Practice, HACCP, Personnel Hygiene and any potential hazards to food safety must be reported and dealt with as a matter of priority.
5. The welfare of the staff regarding Health & Safety issues must be recognised and all aspects of safety are to be considered and ongoing improvements looked at, The Shift Manager must have studied and understood all aspects of the Health & Safety Policy and ensure that all relevant Health & Safety procedures are correctly carried out. A high standard of discipline implemented regarding safe practices must be maintained.
Safety of the workplace is vitally important and where required safety equipment must be used. Risk assessments are to be carried out and documented at stipulated periods and communicated to employees.
6. Training and Development of staff is ongoing, flexibility of the work force to integrate to other tasks and to be multi-skilled is a priority. Any specialist training which is felt as a requirement to bring the Company forward must be communicated to your Production Manager. Training must be updated at the required times and checked for effectiveness.
7. Appraisals and performance of staff, having meetings discussing how we can improve things, identifying weakness and capability to move on and progress. Communicating with staff to encourage and maintain staff morale at a high level. Making everyone aware of what the Company is trying to achieve.
8. Full implementation of the Company Rules enforcing all aspects fairly and consistently. Dealing with such incidents as: – damage, theft, sabotage, trouble causers and being aware of potential problems with staff. Awarding the performance bonus to those who have achieved the required standard of performance, ensuring those who have not understood the reasons why and are coached and directed to the required standard.
9. To make sure the Company gives equal opportunity to all employees based on performance, experience, commitment, ability and consistency in work and effort.
10. Overall responsibility of all operations, which will include Hygiene, engineering, Dispatch, Receipt of Goods, Sub-Contractors and any non-production staff in the absence of other Shift Managers.
11. Security of the site in conjunction with Security Warden and Shift Managers.
12. To aid Sales Department with aspects of samples / product development trials and make sure that our customers are getting exactly what they want at all times.
13. To be involved in external customer visits when required and make sure the visitor is fully satisfied.
14. To liaison with Team Leaders / Charge-Hands / Supervisors & other Shift Manager on issues of holiday cover and to ensure holiday arrangement with staff are organised in such a way that production will not be affected.
15. To work with Senior Managers and to contribute any suggestions or ideas generally which could bring the company forward.
16. To work with the Personnel Manager with aspects of recruitment, training and induction.
17. To make sure the bakery and equipment is looked after and used correctly by the people that work in and with it. If any equipment is not working to its full potential then take action to get it working correctly.
Make sure relevant technical information is at hand regarding all the equipment so that operatives are fully knowledgeable about the equipment, (work closely with the Engineers).
18. To carry out any duties as reasonably requested by any Senior Manager / Production Manager or Director.

Job Types: Permanent, Full-time

• On-site parking

• 10 hour shift
• Overtime

Work Location: In person

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